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Why Donate?

Samba 360 relies on donations to support its mission. Here are some of the many reasons to get involved:

  • Make a positive difference in a child's life.

  • Give children the resources to play sports.

  • Provide a child with a bicycle.

  • Promote good will around the United States and abroad.

  • Honor or thank someone  who has made a difference in your life.

  • Feel good about giving.

  • Honor your profession with a donation.


Empirical studies have shown that an increase in youth sports, physical activity or extracurricular activity decreases the chances  that a child will become obese.  Youth sports also help a child avoid growing health problems like diabetes or other health issues.  In addition, the increasing cost of children's athletic equipment and bicycles often creates an insurmountable barrier for struggling families.

Samba 360 can't do it alone.  Please join in supporting Samba 360.  We and the many children affected by your generosity appreciate your help.  

Your donation will make a difference.