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Be part of our Team

"I can't forget the first time Shawn talked to me about Samba 360.  Recycle sports equipment and send it to those in need. What a great sustainable concept.  

Growing up in Brazil was a wonderful time for me.  However, like most parts of the world, Brazil has very high rates of poverty. I have seen children play soccer with balls made out of old socks, bottle caps and pretty much anything laying around that rolls.  Soccer goals would be made out of flip flop sandals, empty cans or pieces of wood.

Please take a moment and be part of our team by donating a used soccer ball or consider a donation, which helps us pay our shipping costs and more."


Silmara Silva Marciano

At Samba 360, our mission is to provide relief to disadvantaged children, both domestically and abroad, through the collection of donated sporting and other recreational equipment.

‚ÄčStudieshave proven that youth participation in sports decreases the odds of children being involved in violence as well as promotes significant health factors, like a decrease in adolescent obesity.




Working with organizations like PLEC, Rota 5 K, Onda Solidaria and others, Samba 360 is focused to provide donations to Brazilian children, including:

  • Soccer cleats 
  • Soccer balls
  • Sneakers
  • Air pumps & air pump needles
  • Athletic shorts

Our list will be expanded to include used bicycles and other bicycle related items, as well as other communities in need.